Autocue iPad Prompter Package, Controller & Carry Case

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The Autocue/QTV iPad Prompter Package, Controller & Carry Case is a complete hardware package that lets you turn an iPad into a portable teleprompter. A wired hand control and custom-made carry case are included.

Included Items

  • Wide angle teleprompter hood and mounting bracket
  • Mounting plate for iPad
  • Broadcast quality 70/30 prompter glass, designed to provide optimal light to the camera
  • Wired hand control
  • Custom-made carry case

Key Features

  • On-camera prompter unit
  • Straight-read below camera teleprompter
  • iPad slots into a custom-made mounting plate to hold it securely in position beneath the prompter glass
  • If you’ll be mounting on a very small tripod head (less than 45mm in width), you will need an additional adapter mounting plate
  • Designed to be used with teleprompting software available for download from the App Store. This software is not designed or licensed by Autocue or QTV.
Weight 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)


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