Autocue QMaster/QBox Prompter Software Package

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The QMaster/QBox Prompter Software Package from Autocue / QTV is an IP-based prompting solution. Connect the application to your Ethernet network using the included QBox and controller to form a complete prompting solution. This package offers redundancy and will continue scrolling a script even when an NRCS or PC fails.

Ethernet connectivity allows you to place hardware virtually anywhere in your work setup. Moreover, multiple controllers can be connected to the QBox because of its built-in serial ports, USB ports, and distribution-amplifier functionality. This solution includes unlimited office-hour software support and access to the latest builds.

Script Management
Use this solution to bring more convenience and professionalism to management of your scripts.

Ethernet connectivity makes it easy to place your equipment virtually anywhere in your work setup.

Operating Requirements Windows XP Pro
Ethernet port
At least 2 USB ports
At least 512MB RAM


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