Autoscript WinPlus C Robotic Executive Conference System Software

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The WinPlus C Robotic Executive Conference System Software from Autoscript is the software designed to control automatic adjustments with Autoscript’s innovative Robotic Executive Conference System. Use this software to set cues within the WinPlus scripts. After you have programmed the scripts, stand adjustments will take place automatically during a speaker’s presentation. This is an extremely practical and convenient add-on solution that eases the operator’s burden during an event, not to mention minimizing the potential for disaster during a live presentation.

This software does not “mirror” the teleprompter monitor. The Teleprompter itself must do so or an optional scan converter must be used.

Automatic Stand Adjustments
Use this innovative software’s scripts to define cues for stand changes and then let the software manage them during the presentation, thereby freeing the operator to concentrate on other important work.

Intuitive design and functionality make this software package easy to learn and use.

Operating Requirements Requires Robotic Executive Conference System and WinPlus Prompting Software


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