Autoscript +WinPlus SX Ultra Studio Prompting Software System

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The Autoscript +WinPlus SX Ultra Studio Prompting Software System is a Windows-based prompting software package which adds the ease of “point and click” to an intuitive on-screen edit display. It can provide stand-alone prompting for both presentation and general production, both in the studio and on location.

Features include a fully active run order which can be manipulated at any time during scrolling, as well as instant prompt editing. The package includes an external box connected via USB. Just plug it into a laptop or PC via the USB 2.0 interface. The video output is standard composite PAL or NTSC and supports an optional SDI upgrade. It runs with exactly the same WinPlus versions that run with the PCI Prompt Card, so no additional operator training will be required.

USB 2.0 allows faster response time from controllers. Next & Previous story selection is instant with no lag, allowing faster editing and on-screen changes.

Note: This software does not mirror the teleprompter monitor. The teleprompter itself must do so or an optional scan converter must be used.

  • HC/1 potless 5 button desktop control
  • Point and click functionality
  • In-screen, real-time, smooth scroll preview
  • Supports any language
  • Supports many formats for importing
  • Exports scripts and running orders
  • Allows use of many scalable fonts and any mix of fonts
  • Drop-down menus
  • Network and serial links
  • External box connects via USB 2.0 port
  • Internal PCI card option
  • PAL/NTSC video outputs (optional SDI)
  • Integral VDA

Features: 2 x SDI Output, 1 x Composite Output, 110/240 AC input and in-screen real time prompting preview. Includes: XBox Ultra hardware, WinPlus Studio software, HC-1, Serial cable, USB cable and IECUS cable.


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