Autoscript WinPlus VAP (Voice Activated Prompting) Module for WinPlus Software

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The WinPlus VAP (Voice Activated Prompting) Module for WinPlus Software WPVAP from Autoscript is an innovative program that combines traditional prompting needs and management techniques with cutting-edge voice recognition technology. This program eliminates the need for talent or operators to manually control the scroll speed of the text on the monitor. Instead, this program’s voice-recognition technology follows the spoken word of that talent and keeps the script in perfect pace.

This solution requires no special training, the talent simply speaks and the software does its work. An on-screen message provides an easy-visual cue to let the presenter know if the voice-activation feature is enabled or deactivated. Simply press the function button on either desk controls or a wireless hand control and you’re ready to start prompting. This software is an add-on module designed to work with any WinPlus prompting software package.

Note: Please note that the use of this software requires an available full-size PCI slot on your desktop computer.

Voice Control
This software’s unique voice-recognition technology allows you to control prompter scrolling with nothing more than your voice.

Simply speak and the software does its work, keeping perfect pace between your spoken words and the scrolling text.

Increased Efficiency
Increase the efficiency of your prompting and entire production workflow by adding this module to your existing WinPlus software-prompting package.

Operating Requirements
  • Windows XP
  • WinPlus prompting software
  • WinPlus PCI card or Xbox (WinPlus ISA is not supported
  • Controlnet enabled Opto HC1, Opto Foot, WFC (Wireless Foot Control) RAT control
  • Pentium 4. 2.8GHz
  • 512 RAM
  • Balanced feed sound input
  • 32 Bit PCI sound card


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