Battery diagnostic system for BV Li-ion batteries with software inc. for Windows

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BSMon 3.0© allows you to monitor the state of a BLUESHAPE battery pack and verify its performance through a PC with a USB connection. It displays the most relevant battery parameters such as pack voltage, single cell voltage, residual capacity, charge/discharge cycles experienced, etc. This release allows the installation of the battery pack on any V-lock enabled device, both chargers or camcorders, and permit the real-time tracking of the battery behavior during use. The diagnostic shoe (hardware) is included with the product.

BSMON v3.0 with CBA unit, the Computerized Battery Analyzer, is the new device to analyze any video battery.

V-Lock batteries can be installed on the V-Lock adapter while other batteries can be easily connected trough cables with the banana plugs.

The CBA Unit is capable to generate a continuos load up to 10A (~150W) and is controlled by software.

The renewed software interface, gives the freedom to control the load and watch the battery performance in real time even through a detailed and precise chart.

On testing BLUESHAPE batteries, the full battery paramenters are correclty monitored, while on testing other batteries just the voltage and current are tracked.

Battery fleet performances data are stored upon request and can be exported and shared through remote cloud services.

The convenient import features allows user to customize battery parameters upon request.

– Win 2K, XP, Vista, 7, 8, both 32 and 64 bit
– 30MB HD disk space
– USB 1.0 port or greater

In the box:
1x BSMON battery interface
1x CBA Unit
1x Mixed Power-Signal cable
1x USB cable
1x Mini CD


  • Battery Interface:
    – V-Lock adapter to host any battery pack
    – Installable on any V-Lock enabled device to perform real time testing
    – Auxiliary power connector through standard banana plugs to connect other loads or other batteries
  • Computerized Battery Analyzer (CBA unit):
    – software controlled operation
    – max continuos: 10A load (~150W)
    – self-cooled with integrated fan
  • A 30cm Mixed Power-Signal cable connects the 2 units
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