Class on Demand: After Effects Apprentice 101

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After Effects Apprentice 101 (CS5 & CS6) from Class on Demand will get you up to speed with After Effects. After learning how to get around the program, Trish Meyer starts with a simple project where you will create a new project from scratch, learn the basics of keyframe animation, and render the final result. Chris Meyer will then help you build upon these skills by refining your animation moves using different types of keyframes, the Graph Editor, and a variety of Keyframe Assistants, including the ability to hand-sketch a motion path.

After that, you will learn how to edit and sequence layers, enable motion blur and frame blending, and add effects, layer styles, and blending modes. You’ll finish by learning how to mask layers as well as use the transparency of one layer to affect others. Along the way, Trish and Chris share countless tips and invaluable advice, while testing you with Quizzlers and Idea Corners.

This course includes the following courses: AEA01, AEA02, AEA03, AEA04, AEA05.

Course Outline:
Navigating the user interface
Creating a new project and composition
Arranging layers
Keyframing animation moves
Previewing and rendering
Using grids, guides, and safe areas
Understanding alpha channels
Working with layered Photoshop files
Placing the Anchor Point
Mastering the Graph Editor
Using Motion Sketch, the Smoother, Auto-Orientation, and Roving Keyframes
Enabling Motion Blur and Frame Blending
Trimming and sequencing layers
Applying effects and Layer Styles
Employing Blending Modes
Masking imagery
Using track mattes and stencils


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