Class on Demand: After Effects Apprentice 201

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After Effects Apprentice 201 (CS5 & CS6) from Class on Demand shows you how to create, typeset, and animate good-looking text, while Chris shows you how to time those animations to music. After that, you will learn how to group layers together using parenting and nesting, as well as constructing hierarchies of compositions to save time and customize the rendering order. After a pleasant detour learning how to create stop motion, freeze frames, and otherwise manipulate time, you will then learn how to navigate and take advantage of 3D space, including setting up virtual cameras and lights. “Sidebar” movies explain what’s going on underneath the hood and teach you how to troubleshoot common problems.

This course includes the following courses: AEA06, AEA07, AEA08, AEA10, AEA11.

Course Outline:
Setting type
Applying Text Animation Presets
Crafting your own text animations
Adding random movement and 3D perspective to text
How audio works
Spotting hit points
Parenting layers, including using null objects
Creating an anthropomorphic animation
Nesting a composition inside another
Using a common source across multiple compositions
Precomposing to isolate layers and cure rendering problems
Edit This/Look At That
Frame Blending for slow motion
Creating stop motion and freeze frames
Time Remapping
Understanding 3D space
Setting up multiple 3D views
Animating a camera move
Arranging lights
Advanced 3D techniques


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