Class on Demand: After Effects Apprentice 301

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After Effects Apprentice 301 (CS5 & CS6) from Class on Demand wraps up the Apprentice series with a collection of advanced courses starting with an introduction to expressions: small bits of code (most of it auto-generated) that allows you to coordinate and animate parameters without the need for hundreds of keyframes. You’ll then move on to learning the motion tracker and stabilizer built into After Effects, and get a quick tour of Imagineer Systems’ mocha, which is bundled with After Effects. You’ll apply these skills as you key a greenscreen shot, stabilize it, and place it over a new background. You’ll learn how to use AE’s Paint tools, as well as create bendy animations using the Puppet tools. You’ll round out your skills by learning how to create shape layers, and then put your skills to the test creating in a final project where you will create a television promo. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to take on a wide variety of tasks in After Effects with confidence. This course includes the following courses: AEA09, AEA12, AEA 13, AEA14, AEA15.

Course Outline:
Basic expressions
Wiggling, looping, and interpolating with expressions
Driving animation with sound
Motion tracking and stabilization
Screen replacement
Tying effects to motion tracks
Green screen keying using Keylight
Painting, erasing, and cloning
Distorting a layer with the Puppet tools
Brainstorming animation and effects
Applying the Cartoon effect
Crafting parametric shapes
Drawing freeform shapes
Applying shape effects
Wiggling and repeating shapes
Drawing map paths
Building a 3D world
Timing transitions to music
Dealing with client changes


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