Class on Demand: Avid Media Composer for Final Cut Pro Users

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Avid Media Composer for Final Cut Pro Users from Class on Demand will guide you through the features and workflows needed to complete projects using Avid Media Composer. By using your knowledge of Final Cut Pro, you’ll become comfortable with Media Composer 5 and 6’s powerful interface. Although this training was created with Avid Media Composer 5, the techniques and procedures shown in these lessons apply to the newly released Avid Media Composer 6.

Course Outline:
1.0 Fundamental Differences Between FCP and MC
1.1 Media Management
1.2 Modality
1.3 Importing the Project Media

2.0 Media Composer Basics
2.1 Starting a Project
2.2 Interface Overview
2.3 Intro to User Settings
2.4 Overview of Settings
2.5 Keyboard Settings
2.6 Working with Bins
2.7 Assembling Shots in a Sequence
2.8 Working with the Timeline
2.9 Exploring Timeline Options

3.0 Ingesting Media
3.1 Ingesting File-Based Media Using AMA
3.2 Standard Importing
3.3 Capturing from Tape

4.0 Editing a Sequence
4.1 Trimming Basics
4.2 Dynamic Trim Techniques
4.3 Slip and Slide
4.4 Using Fit-to-Fill
4.5 Creating Subclips
4.6 Nesting Sequences
4.7 Using Locators to Edit

5.0 Audio
5.1 Level and Pan Adjustments
5.2 Audio Tool
5.3 EQ Tool
5.4 Audio Plug-ins and Filters

6.0 Advanced Settings
6.1 Workspaces and Toolsets
6.2 Import and Export Settings

7.0 Creating Effects
7.1 Effects Mode
7.2 Adding and Removing Effects
7.3 Saving Effects
7.4 Effects Parameters
7.5 Adding Effects on Filler
7.6 Nesting
7.7 Rendering

8.0 Advanced Effects
8.1 Timewarp Effects
8.2 Stabilizing Shots
8.3 Intraframe Effects
8.4 Third-Party Plug-Ins

9.0 Color Correction Mode
9.1 Interface
9.2 Automatic Color Correction
9.3 Color Correcting with Hue Offset Wheels
9.4 Color Correcting with Curves and Sliders
9.5 Keyframing Color Correction

10.0 Delivering the Finished Work
10.1 The Digital Cut Tool
10.2 File-Based Delivery
10.3 Avid DVD by Sonic
10.4 Sorenson Squeeze

11.0 Mastering Project Management
11.1 The Media Tool
11.2 Consolidate, Transcode and Decompose
11.3 Attic-Backups

12.0 Migrating to Media Composer
12.1 Unique Features of Media Composer
12.2 Comparing Features

13.0 Multicam Editing
13.1 Multicam Editing
13.2 Multicam Demonstration
13.3 Fine Tuning the Edit

14.0 Script-Based Editing
14.1 ScriptSync
14.2 Editing from a Lined Script


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