Class on Demand: Basic Training For Apple Color

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Basic Training for Apple Color from Class on Demand provides basic training for Apple Color.

Course Outline:
1. Introduction to Color:
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Training Overview
1.3 The Interface

2. Primary Color Correction:
2.1 The Primary Room: Part 1
2.2 The Primary Room: Part 2
2.3 Software Scopes Overview
2.4 Tektronix Waveform Monitors and Rasterizers

3. Secondary Color Correction:
3.1 Secondary Room Overview
3.2 Vignettes
3.3 HSL Qualification
3.4 Using Multiple Secondaries

4. The Other Color Rooms:
4.1 The ColorFX Room
4.2 The Geometry Room
4.3 The Primary Out Room
4.4 Still Store
4.5 The Setup Room
4.6 Rendering

5. Interfacing with Final Cut Pro

6. The Color Suite: Beyond the Software
6.1 Tangent Wave Panel
6.2 Color Hardware Considerations 
6.3 Room Setup and External Equipment
6.4 Datacolor Spyder Monitor Calibration
6.5 Cine-tal Monitor Setup and Calibration
6.6 Advanced Color Training


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