Class on Demand: Basic Training for Mac OSX Snow Leopard

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Larry Jordan had a lot of requests asking for an explanation of how to create a webinar or screencast. So, that’s what this tutorial is about.

The benefits webinars provide to us is that this is another vehicle we can offer our clients – or use ourselves – that builds on what we already know – video production – and takes it into a new direction – distribution over the Internet.

In this session, Larry uses his weekly webinars as an example of how to create your own. He spends a lot of time going through the planning process, listing questions you need to consider as you begin your own projects. Then, he illustrates the tools he uses to create his own weekly sessions.

This isn’t a software demo, in fact, there are only a few demos. This session is principally a conversation with Larry about the process of creating webinars, issues to consider, and recommendations about the tools you may need. Along the way, he’ll work in his thoughts about presenting, production, live video streaming, and avoiding technical problems.

Even if webinars are new to you, this session provides a great overview to get you started in the right direction.

Audience Level
This session is an introduction to a new business opportunity and a discussion of the planning and preparation involved. No specific hardware or software knowledge is required. 

Content Outline

  • Definition of webinar
  • Goals and topics covered for this session
  • Planning: Business model
  • Planning: Registration and customer service
  • Planning: Session Content
  • Planning: Marketing
  • Planning: Pricing
  • Planning: Technical Issues
  • Planning: Live Video Streaming
  • Planning: Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Overview of Tools Needed
  • Tools: Computer Hardware
  • Tools: Audio Hardware
  • Tools: Video and Lighting
  • Tools: Live Video Streaming
  • Tools: Software
  • Discussion of the Production Process
  • Discussion of Presentation Process
  • DEMO: Measuring Internet Upload Speed
  • DEMO: TOSlink
  • DEMO: WireTap Anywhere


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