Class on Demand: Beginner Training for Nuke 6

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This Beginner course is the starting point for learning basic Nuke operations such as navigating the user interface, creating animation then modifying it in the curve editor. Other basic operations such as color correction and image reformatting are covered along with image blending operations using Nuke’s all-powerful Merge node. Finally there is extensive training on Nuke’s awesome RotoPaint node that combines rotoscoping, procedural paint, clone and reveal tools all in one integrated node.

NK01: The Nuke User Interface
1.1: Tour of the GUI
1.2: Keyboard Shortcuts
1.3: Building Node Trees
1.4: Image Viewer and Timeline
1.5: Adjusting Node Parameters
1.6: The Nuke Workflow

NK02: Keyframe Animation
2.1: Keyframe Animation
2.2: The Curve Editor
2.3: Expressions and Linking
2.4: Reformatting Images
2.5: The Merge Node

NK03: Color Correction and RotoPaint
3.1: Nuke’s Color Management
3.2: The Color Picker
3.3: Color Correcting
3.4: The RotoPaint Node – part 1
3.5: The RotoPaint Node – part 2
3.6: The RotoPaint Node – part 3


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