Class on Demand: Complete Training for Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

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Complete Training for Dreamweaver CS5 from Class on Demand will teach you everything you need to know to build simple websites with Dreamweaver. Lessons include topics such as how to manage sites and create new pages; insert text, graphics, tables, lists, layers, and forms; build a navigation system; add dynamic functionality with Dreamweaver’s behaviors and Spry widgets; style your pages with Cascading Style Sheets; create and use templates, library items, and server-side includes; test and validate code; and publish your finished site via FTP through Dreamweaver’s expanded Files panel.

1. Getting Started
2. Managing a Site
3. Creating Pages
4. Making a Basic Web Page
  4.1 Introduction
  4.2 Part One
  4.3 Part Two 
5. Understanding Cascading Style Sheets 
6. Working with Layers 
7. Building Navigation Menus 
8. Templates, Library Items and SSIs
9. Rollover Buttons, Image Maps and Media Files
10. Creating Forms 
11. Behaviors, Snippets, History Panel, and Spry Widgets 
12. Testing and Validation 
13. Code Cleanup 
14. Publishing Your Site
15. Helpful Online Resources

Includes a Bonus Lesson for Lunarpages Web Hosting that includes setting up a hosting plan, logging into Lunarpages, the e-mail accounts manager, creating sub domains, and adding webApps.


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