Class on Demand: Complete Training for Adobe Illustrator CS6

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Complete Training for Adobe Illustrator CS6 from Class on Demand is perfect for the visual designer looking to make the leap into Illustrator CS6’s robust, versatile, and rich feature set. Adobe Certified Expert Sue Jenkins will be your guide in this three part tutorial. Explore the interface, master shape creation, and so much more.

Section 1: Intro to Illustrator:
1.1: Introduction
1.2: Workspace Overview
1.3: Working with Documents
1.4: Creating and Editing Shapes and Lines

Section 2: Beyond the Basics
2.1: Introduction
2.2: Adding Color
2.3: Editing and Transformations
2.4: Align, Order and Pathfinder
2.5: Painting and Drawing
2.6: Using the Pen Tool
2.7: Working with Type
2.8: Using the Layers Panel

Section 3: Special Techniques
3.1: Introduction
3.2: Shape Builder, Live Trace, and Live Paint
3.3: Patterns, Gradients, and Blends
3.4: Clipping Paths and Clipping Masks
3.5: Symbols and Graphs
3.6: 3D Rendering
3.7: Advanced Features
3.8: Preparing Files for the Web


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