Class on Demand: Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS6

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Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS6 from Class on Demand has seven sections that focus on different aspects of using Photoshop CS6. You’ll start with an overview and learn how to use many of the amazing tools; learn some retouching, editorial, and restoration techniques; discover how easy it is to create web graphics and even edit video. There’s so much to learn about Photoshop CS6 – this training will get you started quickly and easily. 

Section I: Photoshop Overview
1. Introduction
2. Workspace Overview
3. Working with Documents
4. Using the Layers Panel Effectively
5. The History & Actions Panels 

Section II: Photoshop Tools
1. Introduction
2. Selection Tools
3. Transformation Tools
4. Paint Tools 
5. Crop and Retouching Tools 
6. Text Tools 
7. Pen Tools

Section III: Styles, Adjustment Layer, & Layer Masks
1. Introduction
2. Special Effects with Styles
3. Color, Gradient, & Pattern Fill Layers
4. Tonal Correction Adjustment Layers 
5. Layer Masks 

Section IV: Web Graphics
1. Introduction
2. Creating Web Layouts
3. Optimizing Graphics for the Web
4. Using the Animation Palette 

Section V: Retouching Techniques
1. Introduction
2. Photo Retouching 
3. Beauty Retouching using Liquify 
4. Photo Restoration 
5. Content-Aware Tools

Section IV: Print Techniques
1. Introduction
2. Paste into 
3. Filter Gallery 
4. Blur Gallery 
5. Faux HDR 
6. Lens Correction Tools
7. Vanishing Point 
8. Image Distressing 

Section VII: Photoshop for Video
1. Introduction
2. Video Basics 
3. Creating a Bug 
4. Animated Lower 3rd 
5. Rotoscoping 
6. Video Editing


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