Class on Demand: Complete Training For Apple Color

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Basic and Advanced Training for Apple Color from Class on Demand consists of both the basic and advanced training courses for Apple Color.

Course Outline:
Basic Training:

1. Introduction to Color:
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Training Overview
1.3 The Interface

2. Primary Color Correction:
2.1 The Primary Room: Part 1
2.2 The Primary Room: Part 2
2.3 Software Scopes Overview
2.4 Tektronix Waveform Monitors and Rasterizers

3. Secondary Color Correction:
3.1 Secondary Room Overview
3.2 Vignettes
3.3 HSL Qualification
3.4 Using Multiple Secondaries

4. The Other Color Rooms:
4.1 The ColorFX Room
4.2 The Geometry Room
4.3 The Primary Out Room
4.4 Still Store
4.5 The Setup Room
4.6 Rendering

5. Interfacing with Final Cut Pro

6. The Color Suite: Beyond the Software
6.1 Tangent Wave Panel
6.2 Color Hardware Considerations
6.3 Room Setup and External Equipment
6.4 Datacolor Spyder Monitor Calibration
6.5 Cine-tal Monitor Setup and Calibration
6.6 Advanced Color Training

Advanced Training:
Primary Color Correction:
Day for night look
Adding a highlight glow in secondaries
Keyframing color corrections
Using the RED tab

Advanced Grade Management:
Archiving Grades for future use
Dragging grades between shots
Applying the same grade to multiple “grouped” clips
Sharing grades between users

HSL Qualification – Improving Skin Tones
Saving a secondary matte or key from an HSL qualification
Using Key Blur to soften skin tones
Combining Multiple HSL Qualifications
Keyframing – moving, copying and pasting them, including auto / manual tracking plus custom shapes
Using Secondaries without qualifying anything

Advanced Color FX Room:
Creating a Color FX preset
Understanding the nodes – when to use them
Dealing with Interlaced footage
Keyframing in ColorFX Room

Nattress Plug-ins:
Understanding the nodes

Primary Out Room:
Using this in combination with other corrections

Geometry Room:
Adding keyframes in the Geometry room

How to archive and restore archives of Color Projects
Workaround to “Save As” with a Color Project

Interfacing with Final Cut Pro:
How to import color corrections from another Color Project or version
How to reconform an FCP sequence after color correction has been done

Tangent Devices WAVE panel:
Customizing your panel
Using your WAVE panel as a mouse
Where the customized panel settings are saved for sharing/ moving settings

Spyder calibration:
Show setup and configuration
Using the Spyder Cube to white balance in Color – three different methods

Tek scopes:
How to capture a reference still and use it in matching footage in Color
Line select mode to isolate an element vertically in the picture
Review of how to use presets
Explanation of gamut displays
Demonstration of proprietary LQV vectorscope display
Explanation of customizing presets

Cine-Tal calibration


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