Class on Demand: Complete Training for Nuke 6

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Join Steve Wright, a 20 year visual effects veteran and Foundry certified Nuke trainer for a comprehensive course in compositing visual effects with Nuke, the world leader in compositing. This course assumes that you know compositing and starts you at the beginning of the Nuke story to walk you through the user interface, how to do keyframe animation, color correction, motion tracking, multi-pass cgi composting, and bluescreen/greenscreen keying.
Once you have mastered 2D compositing the subject advances to 3D compositing, a Nuke specialty. Learn how to navigate the 3D interface, import 3D geometry from Maya or other 3D apps, then add texture maps, surface attributes and lights. Finally there is a comprehensive exhibition of four classic 3D compositing workflows such as camera projection and pan-n-tile shots. Each chapter comes with all project media so you can follow along with the videos.

Beginner Course

NK01:  The Nuke User Interface
NK02:  Keyframe Animation
NK03:  Color Correction and RotoPaint

Intermediate Course

NK04:  Channels and Compositing CGI
NK05:  Keying

Advanced Course
NK06:  Introduction to Nuke 3D Compositing
NK07:  3D Geometry and Shaders
NK08:  3D Production Examples


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