Class on Demand: Complete Training For Trapcode Particular 2

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Complete Training for Trapcode Particular 2 from Class on Demand is a full, in-depth guide to the Red Giant particle-emitter plug-in for After Effects. Explore Trapcode Particular 2’s emitter types and functions with motion graphics pro Harry J. Frank, whose client list has included Blur Studio, Digital Kitchen, and NBC. Go beyond typical particle effects such as explosions and precipitation and learn to use Particular in unexpected ways. The DVD-ROM includes project files so you can work within After Effects to create particle effects alongside the expert instructor. The training is divided into 13 sections, as listed below. DVD-ROM is region-free; video is NTSC.

1. Quick Tips
(No subtopics)
2. Interface Overview of Emitters and Particles
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Emitter Section
2.3 Particle Section
3. Basics of Particular
(No subtopics)
4. Basic Emitter Controls and Custom Particles
(No subtopics)
5. Box Emitters and Large Area Particle Effects
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Box Emitters
5.3 Large Area Particle Effects
6. Particle Shading
(No subtopics)
7. Background Design
(No subtopics)
8. Layer Grid Emitters
(No subtopics)
9. Aux System
9.1 Aux System: Part 1
9.2 Aux System: Part 2
10. Complex Explosions
10.1 Complex Explosions: Part 1
10.2 Complex Explosions: Part 2
11. 3D Fractal Fields
(No subtopics)
12. 3D Integration and Particle Orientation
(No subtopics)
13. Bonus Lessons
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Creating a Music to Light Effect
13.3 Creating a Crowd Scene


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