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Class on Demand is proud to introduce HoltzFX Sports Pack. This amazing product is designed by Paul Holtz and contains an incredible selection of Sports related HD elements and graphics combinations. Paul will give you the tools and knowledge to turn any sports programming into professionally finished and engaging entertainment. Just like you see on Broadcast Sports Channels, our transitions and graphics treatments will add professional polish to every sports production from kids sporting events, to “How To” sports videos, and broadcast sports programming.

Sports Themes include:
Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Hockey, LaCrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball and Wrestling

Each Theme Includes:
Motion Backgrounds: Add excitement to all types of graphic and text overlays and Picture-in Picture (PIP)
Lower 3rds: For customized text treatments and use with Motion Backgrounds and Rotations 
Overlays: For Themed PIP place holders of your video clips and pictures
Rotations: Used to Further customize OverlaysMotion Backgrounds, and Lower 3rds. Also used to create your own custom Animated wipes
Wipes: Used in the coolest transitions you will ever see. Imagine a blazing fast Soccer ball or Baseball used as a transition between 2 scenes!  All Sports Themed Animated Wipes are included

Works with AVID or Pinnacle Studio and most other editing programs!
We’ve designed HoltzFX Sports Pack to work with Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio V10-V15 as well as any editing program that has a chroma-key. No more worrying about the time consuming process of rendering graphics sequences as these are PRE-RENDERED Video clips you just drop on your timeline! Then add text to honor your “Star Athlete”. What’s more, unlike some other programs, HoltzFX can be modified and enhanced for your own unique look.

HoltzFX Sports Pack – Professional looking sports programs made easy!
HoltzFX Sports Pack is a breeze to use. Just select your sport, select the type of effect you need, and pick from dozens of professional elements and animations. Then drop it on the timeline. It is that easy!

We even include a COD Training Bonus! To get the most out of HoltzFX, follow Paul Holtz through 7 informative video lessons as he shows you some of the techniques, tips, and tricks he’s used to create award-winning Sports programming. This valuable training is included at no extra charge with your purchase of HoltzFX Sports Pack!

HoltzFX Sports Pack – Get it Today!
System Requirements:

• Win XP / Vista / 7
• 5GB of free space


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