Class on Demand: Intermediate Training for Nuke 6

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After mastering Nuke’s basics in the Beginner course, you are ready for the Intermediate course where you will take on the more challenging aspects of Nuke such as its unique channel management system. Production topics include multi-pass cgi compositing as well as motion tracking with match move, stabilize and corner pin techniques. Following that is the all-important topic of bluescreen and greenscreen keying using Nuke’s world-class keyers; Keylight, Primatte, and Nuke’s own IBK keyer nodes – fundamental to any visual effects compositing job.

NK04: Channels and Compositing CGI
4.1: How Channels Work
4.2: The Channel Nodes
4.3: Compositing CGI
4.4: Motion Tracking

NK05: Keying

5.1: The Keyer Node
5.2: The Primatte Node
5.3: The IBK Keyer
5.4: The Keylight Keyer
5.5: Keymix and Addmix
5.6: Clip Timing


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