Class on Demand: Introduction to Lighting for Film and Video

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Join CARL GUNDESTRUP, veteran film, television and corporate video gaffer, as he walks you through the basic techniques and tools of motion picture and video lighting. From lighting instruments, grip tools and 3-Point Lighting both on set and in practical locations, to controlling light, color correction and lighting in layers, Carl teaches the principles used every day by professional lighting technicians. This information-packed DVD is sure to become a trusty reference tool for the beginner who’s never opened a light kit up to even the more seasoned lighting cameraman.


 – Intro / Overview
 – 3 Point Lighting
 – The Kelvin Scale
 – Lighting Instruments
 – Raw Light on the Talent
 – Grip Gear & Tools
 – 3 Point Lighting on Set
 – Hard Light & Soft Light
 – Controlling Light
 – Controlling Light on a Softlight
 – Controlling Light on a Fresnel
 – Color Correction & Light as Mood
 – 3 Point Lighting in a Practical Location
 – Working with Existing Light “Utilize or Neutralize?”
 – Color-Correcting Lights
 – DVD Recap

Bonus Chapters:

 – Grip Kit in a Backpack
 – Conversation with Carl


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