e-films: Expresscard Host to USB

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Expresscard Host to USB
This product allows the MxR Expresscard to be downloaded on to any computer through it’s USB2 port.

This means you are not limited to download onto laptops which have a built-in Expresscard reader. You can now download onto any desktop and laptop including PC and Mac desktops, even G4s.

The MxR USB adapter is designed specifically to allow the fastest download of your precious material. This means that you can achieve the maximum throughput of the Sandisk Ultra II of 15MB per second. In our testing we have routinely achieved 17MB per second download through the reader.

The great thing is it can run in the background or on any computer so it doesn’t interfere with your editing while you’re downloading and happily works with Clip browser.

NB: The MxR USB Adapter is not designed to work with SxS memory cards, and may damage it if you insert it.


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