e-films: MxR 2nd Generation MxR

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MxR Expresscard Adapter (includes white case) for Sony EX1/EX3/EX1R/PMW-350

The MxR now supports Sandisk 64GB SDXC memory.**

The E-films MxR USB ExpressCard Adapter is specifically designed adapter to use reasonably priced, and commonly available SDHC and now SDXC cards in the Sony HD cameras which use SxS memory for recording, replacing expensive and often hard to find Sony SxS Pro Memory cards.

The MxR is capable of recording 224 minutes, that’s 3 hours 44 minutes, on a single SDXC memory card. Other adapters can only record 104 minutes onto an SDXC card.

What memory is the MxR compatible with?

Although the MxR is compatible with almost all types of SDHC memory, only the following have shown, over time, to be both robust and reliable.


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