e-films: MxR Extreme ExpressCard Adapter

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Expresscard Adapter (includes case)for Sony EX1/EX3/EX1R/PMW-350

The E-films MxR Extreme is a custom designed and purpose built USB Expresscard, that supports all brands and sizes of SDHC/SDXC including the very latest UHS interface memory.

What does it do?

  • Replaces SxS Pro – The E-films MxR Extreme adapts SDHC / SDXC and UHS memory to replace Sony SxS Pro memory in the Sony range of EX cameras.
  • Speeds up downloads – Downloading UHS based memory to computer using the E-films MxR Extreme is 35+Megabytes / sec in a real world environment, (not an artificial one as others claim), and compare favourably to SxS which is approx 75 Megabytes / sec
  • All under/overcranking speeds supported – Recording is flawless from 1-60 frames per second, the same as SxS Pro.
  • Unlimited recording – Sony has just released a 64GB SxS-1 Pro card, which was already surpassed with the combination of the E-films MxR Extreme and the Lexar 128GB card. Soon there will plenty of alternatives, with large sizes and high speed downloads.

How does the E-films MxR Extreme do this?

It intercepts USB activity from the camera and converts that data stream, writing it to the SD card on the fly.

It is so efficient at this conversion process, that it can convert even the highest speed overcranking of 60fps onto modest performing SD cards without a problem.

Are there any risks associated with using SD cards of such large size SD cards?

There are always risks associated with using flash memory of any kind, including Sony SxS Pro. And there were also risks using tapes in the past. But the same applies now as then. Always ensure you are using well known and recommended brands and products. Test them before an important shoot, and carefully secure the media after the shoot.

What memory is the E-films MxR Extreme compatible with?

The E-films MxR Extreme is guaranteed to be compatible with any SDHC, SDXC and UHS memory cards that adhere to the SD Association Standards.

SD cards we have tested are listed below. Other brands not listed will work with the MxR Extreme, but we have not tested them, and don’t have an opinion on them.


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