V-mount battery lunchbox charger. Charges 4 simul, 4 sequential (with opt. plates). 4Ah/channel. LCD status.

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The convenient lunchbox shape of this unit matches the convenience of true simultaneous charging for the 4 positions on the main unit with an LED readout. Four additional ports can be utilized with the CV-BA the adapters for sequential charging of 4 batteries after the initial 4 are charged. An auxiliary DC output provides 13.8V each via an XLR connector.

Designed exclusively for V-Lock Li-Ion batteries, can charge up to 8 batteries: 4 batteries fully simultaneously, 4 batteries in sequence.

The LCD display shows battery digital information in real time like: state of charge, charge time to full, status information.

4 batteries are mounted on the chargers and a further 4 can be connected through CV-BA adapters to extend the total number of channels to 8.

Compact and robust design with a convenient handle for easy transportation. Redundant electronic design with 4 power supplies for increased reliability, it features IPCS and CTP for improved battery and
charger protection.

Provided with 1 Auxiliary DC output power source at 13.8V 110W through an XLR 4 pin socket.

USB connection to interface the CVS8X with computer: up to 4 chargers can be monitored by a single PC through BSCVMon (provided in the box with the special USB cable).


  • Input: AC 100-240V 47-63Hz
  • Output:
    – 8x DC 16.8V 4.8A
    – 1x AUX DC 13.8V 110W max.
  • Charging current:
    – 4.8A per channel when only 2 batteries are charging
    – 3.0A per channel when more than 2 batteries are charging
  • Data socket
  • Size: 170 x 150 x 280mm (6.39″ x 5.91″ x 11.02)
  • Weight: 2.9Kg (6.41lbs)


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